Your CV

Your Portfolio development focus throughout the Spring 2011 semester should be your CV, which stands for “Curriculum Vitae” and differs from a Resume in that it:

1. Is longer than a Resume
2. Focuses on your professional preparation activities/experiences

As the name implies, a Curriculum Vitae catalogs and represents your academic life (“Curriculum Vitae” from the Latin literally means “course of life”). A good CV will include more detail than a Resume, especially about your education, research, teaching experience, and publishing history. CVs are used more commonly than resumes outside the US. But even within the US, the CV is the format of choice for those in the fields of higher education or research in medicine and science above the masters level. Resumes are more appropriate for business and nonprofit job seekers.

I have added links to appropriate CV development sites. So get your CV composed, put it under the appropriate CV tab in your OneNote Portfolio, and make it in to see your Academic Advisor by the beginning of May!


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